MT. Jefferson

I moved to NYC about five months ago and the tight quarters are finally sinking in. Everyday, I step outside and automatically feel the brush of a shoulder. Common sense is still at play, but common courtesy is thrown right out the window. The only retreat for most is through coffee in the morning and getting drunk at night. The lack of a physical retreat is replaced with a mental one in the most convenient way. 

I’ve become aware of this as I’ve started to enjoy my night caps maybe a bit too much. A retreat to the woods is where I went. Thanks to good friends, I was able to work on my project, L U R K: A collection of how I see downhill skating in some of the most peaceful places around the US. 

MT. Jefferson Journal 

“Being alone and searching between outlooks often becomes a meditative eye spy. Coming back to reality only to head back to camp. Rolling up to a sun set I haven’t seen in a few months. Putting up the tent and cracking open a few beers.” 

I will be sharing more of this project as I continue to form it.

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